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4 Tips For Getting Good Back Posture

Our back posture influences our health and wellbeing in more ways than one. A good posture gives tons of physical benefits like strengthened core, improved sleep, as well as mental health benefits likable to focus and be productive. That’s why it’s important to turn good posture into a habit now. Let’s get into the 4 tips for getting good posture:

Exercise and Stretch

4 Tips For Getting Good Back Posture
4 Tips For Getting Good Back Posture

A crucial contribution for a good posture is muscle strength. The great way to build muscle is through exercising. Weighting isn’t the only option to strengthen the muscles, actually- there are perhaps more workout options now than ever. Explore various types of strength training such as yoga, weight-free workout, core exercises, etc. Take your favourites into your routine 3-4 times a week.

Practice good posture while you sleep

It’s easy to ignore our sleep posture and patterns, but they actually pretty important in how good we feel. To have a good sleep posture start with your mattress. Be sure that you got a firm mattress that able to hold the structure of your body. Pillows also help keep your sleeping position aligned. The suggested position for sleeping is on your back with a pillow beneath the knee. For people who prefer to sleep on their sides, pillow between the thighs for added back support.

Incorporate office or work ergonomics

Most people spend most of their time sitting at the desk or standing on their feet for hours. This can form tension in the back, and eventually affect our back. For people working at a desk, work with an ergonomic chair that supports good posture, and keep your computer or laptop at eye level.

Start Posture Training

Improve your posture with posture training. You can wear a posture sensor or just set a reminder every 15 minutes a day and you’ll turn good posture into a habit in as little as two weeks. This is an easy, convenient and effective way to improve your posture while you are working.

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