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March 2019

The benefits to your health that you get from running are widely acknowledged. But most of the runners know, this comes with some aches, pains, and a slight increase in the risk of running-related injury. For serious runner, you tend to wanting more training for yourselves. So should you be incorporating some strength work into your routine? Continue reading this to find out more: Strength training for runners: Injury prevention

Pain is complex, and to decide whether the pain is "bad" enough to get something done about it is tough. Exercising can be one of the reason causing pain. Contrary to popular belief pain is not always "bad", as pain and tissue damage are not really related together. For example, migraines and muscle cramps can be painful but they are not due to tissue damage or trauma. There are some questions

Neck pain is consider quite common to occur and not to be panic about, as you can treat it with simple measure such as rest, stretching, ice or heat therapy, and medicines that can be bought from convenience store. However, that are some serious situations of neck pain that need to seek for medical attention immediately. Here are two: Stiff neck with a severe headache or fever 2 Neck Pain Symptoms That

Flat feet is your feet has low arches or no arches at all. The arch is the inside part of your feet that is usually raised off the ground when you are standing, while the rest of the foot is flat on the ground. Most people have a visible space on the inner part of their feet which known as the arch. How can I tell if I have flat feet? It

Hiking can be a very satisfying activity for all people from youngster to adulthood or even the older generation. It's a great way to have a reason get out of the house and feel the nature while getting a healthy exercise. Hiking provides lots of benefits for our physical health, and mental health as well. Although hiking is great, it holds risks and there are certain injuries defenceless against to

Our back posture influences our health and wellbeing in more ways than one. A good posture gives tons of physical benefits like strengthened core, improved sleep, as well as mental health benefits likable to focus and be productive. That's why it's important to turn good posture into a habit now. Let's get into the 4 tips for getting good posture: Exercise and Stretch 4 Tips For Getting Good Back Posture A crucial contribution

After knee surgery, you will be encounter challenges and pain during recovery state. it will seem difficult, and maybe even impossible at times, try to remember what happens after your surgery is important as the key to success of the procedure as the surgery itself. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you along the road to recovery: Do take rehabilitation seriously It is important to follow your doctor's instructions carefully,

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